Performance Information: Know Before You Go

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Performers can find information here on how to prepare to have a successful performance at AsiaFest.

Submitting music

Please submit music at by April 30. Music must be submitted in MP3 format. All music must be submitted now, not on the day of the festival. We will not take USB drives or CDs on the day of the festival.

Parking info

Performers should park away from the Haggard Park parking lot in one of the other parking lots listed on the map below.

Performers are only offered the opportunity to temporarily use the Haggard Park Lot (in the below map, it is labeled by "Haggard Park parking lot is RESERVED") for loading and unloading only. Several spaces will be reserved for immediate loading and unloading only. This helps us reserve enough space for performers and vendors to move things in and out of the festival.

Only authorized people with parking decals can stay parked in the parking lot—performers will not be given parking decals, and therefore cannot remain parked in the lot. When going to the parking lot, please tell the parking lot attendant you are a performer.

NEW RULE FOR 2023: The Plano Police Department has directed us to enhance traffic management for accessing the Haggard Park parking lot. To enter the Haggard Park parking lot, you must come on 15th Street from the west to the east. You will then need to wait in the left-turn lane for the parking lot attendant to let you in. Traffic coming from the east to the west will not be allowed to right turn because it will cause a traffic jam and cars may get stuck on the railroad track, which poses a serious safety concern. Please consider taking 14th Street west until H Avenue. Then, right turn onto H Avenue and go north. Finally, right turn onto 15th Street to go east and get into the left turn lane into the Haggard Park parking lot. Even though performers are authorized to enter the parking lot for loading/unloading, all performers must enter by coming from the west going east and left turn into the parking lot. Due to safety concerns and instructions we have received from the Plano Police Department, ALL right turns will be rejected.


Checking in and preparing for your performance

Please be at the stage at least 30 minutes before you are scheduled to perform, because sometimes the schedule could move earlier or later depending on the situation. Please come to Haggard Park at least 1 hour before your performance.

Our stage is at the gazebo, so you'll want to check in with us at the back of the gazebo. We will provide you with more information on when you are scheduled to go up. Please note: You will be waiting near the gazebo, but not in the gazebo. The gazebo is reserved for the current performance and AsiaFest staff. After finishing your performance, please expediently exit the gazebo to facilitate a smooth transition to our next performance.

We have tents for performers to change their costumes. You may ask our performance coordinators about the tent when you arrive.

All performers are required to wear dance shoes and/or socks as the stage floor could get very hot. CAAHF and AsiaFest are not responsible for any injury caused by failing to adhere to this requirement.

Please wear sunscreen and bring a bottle of water, as the weather could get very hot. There are food vendors and business vendors in the park all day, so bring some money and enjoy Plano AsiaFest!

Plano AsiaFest 2022 park map.jpg

Performance schedule

# Time Performance Name of Performer Geographic Culture(s)
1 11:00 AM Traditional Chinese Lion Dance Grand Opening Chinese Cultural Center

601 Easy St., Garland TX 75042

East Asia
2 11:15 AM Welcome Announcement Feroz Alpaiwalla (Chairperson), Nasima Chowdhury  (Emcee)
3 11:20 AM DAAYO Dallas Asian American Youth Orchestra (DAAYO) East Asia
4 11:30 AM Indian Classical Dance - Bharatanatyam Natyasthalam Vidyalaya South Asia
5 11:40 AM Indian Classical Odissi Dance – “Pallavi” Vasanta and Shankarabharanam Pallave South Asia
6 11:55 AM KPOP Cover Dance PWSH K-Krew East Asia
7 12:00 PM Mongolian Dance – “The Dearest Mother in My Dream” Forever Dance Group East Asia
8 12:05 PM Cambodian Pestle Dance The Cambodian Buddhist Temple of Dallas Southeast Asia
9 12:12 PM Dance by Bollywood Dreams Nithya South Asia
10 12:18 PM Mongolian Flower Dance Vivian Wong East Asia
11 12:24 PM Fashion Show By Forever Dance Group Forever Dance Group East Asia
12 12:30 PM Bharatanatyam Natyanikaithan South Asia
13 12:40 PM Fashion Show Nasima Chowdhury and Family South Asia
14 12:50 PM Mayor of Plano Welcome by Chinese Lion Dance

City of Plano Asian American Heritage Week Proclamation

Mayor John Muns Proclamation
15 1:15 PM Chinese Kung Fu Wang Tao Kung Fu USA East Asia
16 1:30 PM Indian Classical Dance Fashion Show Natyasthalam Vidyalaya South Asia
17 1:35 PM Guzheng – Classical Musical Instrument Yitong Guzheng East Asia
18 1:45 PM Bihu Dance Assamese Folk Dance Dash-Avatar Dance School South Asia
19 1:50 PM Vietnamese Culture Dance – “Raining Over the Country” San Khau Nho of Dallas-Fort Worth Dance Group Southeast Asia
20 1:55 PM Silambam Martial Arts Praveena Varadharajan South Asia
21 2:05 PM Korean Traditional Fan Dance – “Buchaechum” Navillera – 2nd Gen of Sun Korean Fan Dance East Asia
22 2:10 PM Asian Music by Barry Chien Barry Chien East Asia
23 2:20 PM Korean Martial Arts Lee’s U.S. Taekwondo East Asia
24 2:30 PM Bangladesh Classical Dance – “Beautiful Bangladesh” Rafia Rasu South Asia
25 2:40 PM Cantonese Hip-Hop George Wong East Asian
26 2:45 PM Hawaiian Music Opihi Gang Hawaiian Band Richard Muir Polynesia - Hawaii
4:55 PM Closing - CAAHF/AsiaFest
5:00 PM Festival Ends

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any segment are purely those of the performers or presenters. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Plano  AsiaFest, the Celebrating Asian American Heritage Foundation, or its members.

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