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Booths are an integral part of our festival. Whether you are a sponsor, selling trinkets, or promoting Asian culture, we invite you to apply for a booth at Plano AsiaFest!

According to the Plano Police Department's estimates, Plano AsiaFest draws 10,000 attendees every year. We provide a wonderful opportunity for you to gain maximal exposure for your company, organization, or cause.

Note that we have special procedures for food vendors. If you would like to serve food, please visit the food vendors page.

Did you know that all sponsors get free booths? Visit the forms page for more info.

Apply for a booth

Icon-googleforms.png Booth Form (Online Google Forms)

Know before you go

Accepted booth vendors: please read our Know Before You Go guide.

Frequently asked questions

Am I allowed to sell things at my booth?
Yes, except for food. Any vendor selling food must be approved as a food vendor of the festival.
Do sponsors get a free booth?
Yes! All sponsors get free booths. For more info on how to become a sponsor, please visit our forms page.
Can I engage in conversation with festival attendees walking by?
Plano AsiaFest draws performers, vendors, and attendees from a multitude of backgrounds. Participants are expected to be courteous and respectful to their fellow booth vendors, performers, and attendees. You are certainly encouraged to engage in conversation with visitors at your booth. However, it is not acceptable to persist in bothering or haranguing attendees who are not inclined to stay at your booth.
Why did the price of extra tables and chairs increase?
Due to price inflation from our rentals partner, we need to raise the price to break even. In 2024, the old $25 rate would cause the Festival to lose money.
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