How to go to Plano AsiaFest

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Located centrally in Haggard Park in downtown Plano, there are several convenient ways to come and enjoy Plano AsiaFest.


Parking is available free of charge throughout downtown Plano. Parking is available at all parking lots except parking lot #2, which is reserved for authorized personnel.

NEW RULE FOR 2023: The Plano Police Department has directed us to enhance traffic management near the Haggard Park parking lot. Please do your part to help traffic flowing properly:

  • Parking is not available to the general public in the Haggard Park parking lot. Please do not attempt to turn into the lot. See the below parking map for alternative places to park.
  • Performers and vendors should read the parking and loading permits page.
  • If you need accessible parking, please email to receive an accessible parking permit. We only have a limited number of accessible spots available in the parking lot; they are first come, first serve.
  • Failure to comply with posted and/or verbal instructions from our parking management staff poses significant danger and may result in referral to the Plano Police Department officers onsite.
  • While we understand your disappointment that the Haggard Park parking lot is unavailable for general public parking, it is necessary for us to provide you with a fun day at the festival. The parking lot is legally reserved to Plano AsiaFest per the Special Events Permit we receive from the City of Plano. For any complaints regarding this access restriction, please contact the City of Plano directly.

You can also park at two DART nearby Park and Ride stations: Parker Road Station and Bush Turnpike. DART offers free parking at those two locations. The Downtown Plano station on the Red Line is immediately next to Haggard Park. Please see the public transportation section for more information.


Public transportation

Riding with DART is a very convenient way to go to Plano AsiaFest because we're right next to the Downtown Plano Station, accessible via the DART Red Line. (The Orange Line does not run to Downtown Plano Station on weekends.)

Skip the need to find parking in downtown Plano by taking light rail!

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